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Rotor Motors Watch Engine Cufflinks Gifts for Men Best Gift Idea Father's Day Gift

Rotor Motors Watch Engine Cufflinks Gifts for Men Best Gift Idea Father's Day Gift Item NO: 4137883

US$ 82.00
Black Silver Gold
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  • Material: genuine clock engine
  • A perfect accessory for your French cuff shirt
  • Arrives in a hard-sided presentation box ready for gift giving
  • One pair per pack
  • 1 year warranty
Product Name Rotor Motors Watch Engine Cufflinks Gifts for Men Best Gift Idea Father's Day Gift
Item NO 4137883
Weight 0.0500 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
Category Men's Fashion > Cufflinks
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Creation time 2018-05-15

Material: genuine clock engine 
A perfect accessory for your French cuff shirt
Arrives in a hard-sided presentation box ready for gift giving
One pair per pack

1 year warranty


Tony Ho

This pair of cufflinks is pretty great. The complication actually does work, and winding it gives a bit of time for the movement to work. Great for just staring at it when you're in that boring board meeting about the next board meeting that was tabled from that previous board meeting about this current board meeting.

4 stars because this thing is HUGE. Picture doesn't really depict it well but the thing is outsized like Tony Startk's ego. Takes a man of that fortitude to wear this as well but I'm happy with it.



Love these have received several comments


Maritza Jimenez

Very nice. My son like them. Though they are a little thick, he didn't mind it at all.


Matthew Burghard

Okay, so after fiddling with these for a while I found the ACTUAL proper way to wind them
winding clockwise according to the manufacturer is not the only step.

Step 1: Pull the pin out and then press it back in.
Step 2: Rotate the pin no more than 3 clicks clockwise (resistance is encountered after this point and likely is beyond the winding capabilities of the mechanisim)
step 3: pull the pin out once more and rotate it one click counter-clockwise (the mechanism should start moving)
step 4: push the pin back in to lock the winding mechanism.
The mechanism should function a little over an hour per wind.

Update: above the yellow timing gear there are two very small levers
these levers control the distance that the timing gear wobbles back and forth between
It appears that putting the levers further apart will increase the time that the mechanism runs per winding. and narrowing them decreases the time.
the larger lever should always be near the + side and the smaller lever should always be near the - side.
For longevity of the device I do not recomend that this distance be greater than 90 degrees from each other.
you will have to restart the device once you change the timing.

However as far as I can tell the construction is sound and will likely last a long time so long as one handles it gently and does not depress the exposed mechanisms with their fingers

I am only giving 4 stars due to the seller not providing adequate instructions nor making any available at all.


Mindy !

High quality, impressed!!!! Eye catching cuflinks. Many compliments are made everytime they are worn by my husband. I ordered them as a surprise and they were LOVED. Quality faaaaar exceeds price range.



These are one of the best pair of cufflinks I have bought in a long time.
Recently bought a pair of watch cufflinks from a very reputable Leather/shoe/ mens accessories store
paid $ 170 but their quality did not measure up to the price they were charging for them
On a hunch ordered these on Amazon for a fraction of the cost
These are solid cufflinks, very well made and stylish with their design
I will definitely browse for more from this seller.
Highly recommend these cufflinks



Very cool, and they run nicely. They make for a unique talking point when people notice them. They have no glass or plastic covering over the movement however, so you do have to be careful with them.


A. Ruiz

Just the tiniest bit large (read: be careful pulling your coat on so as to not snag the sleeves). That said, I wear these with confidence. Quite the conversation starter.


David Durtschi

These are amazing, especially for the relatively cheap price I paid. The only caveat I would warn anyone is that they are actually a bit thicker and heavier than a standard cufflink, so if you have a thin cuffed shirt, you will probably feel them pulling on the cuff. Also with no glass front, if you drop one you can probably expect it to smash to small watch gear bits.



Beautiful piece, made well, excellent quality. Thank you



Nice for the style.



My brother loved them!


Lucas B.

Phenomenal product. I am really satisfied with these cufflinks. Everywhere I go people start to say: Are your cufflinks moving? . Great item for a great price as well, movement works just fine.


Melissa L.

Worked perfectly and have a good weight to them.


Jonathan F.

They actually work! There is no glass protection between the gears and your finger so just be careful but the fact that they actually churn and move makes this piece of accessory look far more expensive than what it is.


Magblock LLC

Very cool and they wind up and work!


Phillip Stewart

My wife got these for me after getting my a watch that also has the gears moving inside of them. I couldn't be happier.



Got these for my groom as he got dressed for our wedding and he adored them. Pretty cool for a guy who like techy, geeky things.


traveling Kat

bit of a bulky look, but that is what he likes... love the fact that they are working clock works

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