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What is silicone bracelet?
Click:3140 Date:2012-11-7 15:26:10

Silicone bracelets, also called rubber bracelets or awareness bracelets or wristbands etc.Silicone bracelet first appeared in the USA, the world's first silicone bracelet is yellow “LIVE STRONG”,what is silicone bracelet? what is live strong? the common goal of all the people wearing the silicone bracelet is to guard resist cancer and make body stronger, thereafter, because of its advantages ,like green, non-toxic, tasteless , and good elasticity, easy to wear etc. gradually developed into a popular jewelry ,loved by young people, now the epidemic wind has spread to the whole world, silicone bracelet take participate in all kinds of activities with various organizations, brand promotion, sports. a good design can convey a very profound meaning.

Silicone bracelet make by 100% natural solid silicone pressed by the hydraulic machine, wrist strap, itself has a good tension and flexibility, and easily deformed, which can recovery immediately ,silicone bracelets with resistance to abrasion ,high temperature ,deformation , non-toxic ,odorless ,so no side effects on the human body and soft , no cracking ,long life , does not irritate skin etc. silicone bracelet is a real green jewelry.

In recent years, people have begun to infuse some functional materials, such as negative ions, ger manium, titanium into the silicone raw material to process, with a certain function of keeping health, so it becomes the power band, which is sweeping the world.

Silicone bracelet is the previous Asian Games , a large international sporting events common gift, it's environmentally friendly ,the spiritual content very much in line games, Asian game spot ,athletes are very fond of silicone wristbands ,especially a new product silicone wristband ,it's easy found that more and more sportswear starship are wearing silicone wristbands approach ,the audience seems to full of energy ,full of strength.

what is silicone bracelet?


Visit the offical LIVE STRONG website please click here

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