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How to order?
Click:1219 Date:2012-11-7 16:23:50

How to order? This is the most frequent asked question,please see below steps.

First: Confirm all the order information with us, include price,quantity,colors,packaging,shipping,freight etc.then an e-mail will sent with the Proforma Invoice via our order system how to order?automaticly.

Second: After you confirmed the Proforma Invoice ,please make a payment of the deposit, then we'll arrange the mass production.

Third: When the product is finished, products pictures wil be sent for you confirm. then please make the rest payment, then we'll arrange the shipping immediately.


When after payment finished, please do not forget send us a copy of the bank receipt,because the international wire transfer usually takes 3-5days, so if a copy of bank receipt would be sent, we can arrange the production immediatelty insted of waiting.


If having any other questions about order, please feel free contact with our sales representative.

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