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What is hologram?
Click:1219 Date:2012-11-7 17:09:01

What is hologram? A hologram is embedded in each wristband with a range of frequencies found in nature. These frequencies react positively with your body's energy fields. It has been shown to improve balance flexibility and strength as well as contribute to an overall sense of being among its users.



Power band is based on the optimization of the body's natural energy field idea, similar to the Chinese five elements, gossip. Balance bracelet in the hologram bracelet designed meter body's natural response to the energy field, in the pre-treated silicone material adjustment to a particular frequency, which resonate with the body so that your body has been at its best.

what is hologram?

Before wearing the power band, the body's red blood cells are piling up, because of electrical products, cigarettes, spirit and greasy food, and the blood is sticky, after inhaling the negative ions, the red cells begin to disperse, the blood becomes to be purified.

Learn more about hologram from Wikipedia, please click here

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