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Clearance Switch Salt & Pepper Shaker Buy One Get One Free

Clearance Switch Salt & Pepper Shaker Buy One Get One Free

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Clearance Switch Salt & Pepper Shaker Buy One Get One Free
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    • The shaker is made of ABS plastic.FDA Approved, BPA Free
    • This single-piece salt and pepper shaker feature a switch to alternate between dispensing salt or pepper.
    • S and P are printed on each end of the switch toggle to indicate which spice you're dispensing.
    • Salt and pepper dispenser

    Switch inspires from an electric switch since a regular electric switch brings in an element of playfulness by giving the user the ability to do an action and see the reaction. eg. Pushing a light switch to switch on or switch off a light bulb. This creates the element of interest and playfulness.It's observed that kids and elders alike have fun switching on and switching off a light bulb. It gives them immense amount of joy and satisfaction. The same fun factor has been captured in "Switch" shaker and makes it fun and playful to use.

    For "Switch" the most important research was desk research. It helped me understand the kind of products and competition already existing in the market. I was very keen that the product I would be making has to be unique and humor based, so my research direction was more metaphorical and I was very keen on looking at how to incorporate playfulness and fun into the product.

    Switch is a humble salt and pepper shaker which allows one to switch between salt and pepper at the press of a button. The body has two chambers to avoid mixing and depending on the switch position allowing either salt or pepper to release. The key features of the product are : 1) Convenient to carry during outdoor travel and trips. 2) Single unit contains both salt and pepper 3) Easy to flip between salt and pepper with the push of a button 4) Comfortable to store and refill the containers 5) Easy to lock by moving the button in the in between position 6) Made in food grade plastic

    The salt and pepper shaker can be used by pressing S(Salt) or P(Pepper) according to your requirement marked on the switch button. By pressing either one of them the other side closes. This allows the contents to fall from the side which is pressed. Since there is a single unit for both salt and pepper shaker it saves your table space. The product is easy to refill, just slide the two members on the rear and it exposes two separate containers to hold salt and pepper.

    The crucial challenge for this project was to get the salt and pepper holes to open when the respective side button of "P" or "S" was pressed. This was difficult because the kind of mechanism which we used earlier would just not allow the push plunger to move ahead because the contents within the chamber. The contents of salt and pepper when filled in the container would act like a solid and would not allow the plunger to move ahead. Finally after lot of experimentation we were able to replace the plunger to a rotary mechanism and this helped us achieve the opening motion when the switch was pressed.

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Customer Reviews


7 Days Ago

VERY cute! I plan on using these for camping! Good quality, fast shipping.

7 Days Ago

Rick Colvin
Really cute. I did have to drill out the salt hole as it was too small.

7 Days Ago

nia evans
Funky & cool looking... Always a talking point when friends come over for food

7 Days Ago

K. Ross
Great gag gift. Especially if you know anyone who collects S&P shakers, works with batteries, etc.

7 Days Ago

My mom really likes this. The switch salt and pepper is really great, because both sides can be closed. No spilling, so it's really good for picnic or BBQ.