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Freeze! Handgun Ice Tray
US$ 13.99
Reviews (195)
  • M****n
    I ordered 2 of these on Friday morning and the arrived monday afternoon! The ice cube trays are trully unique as is the packaging they come in. The ice cubes are very detailed and one I used one tray in a big glass of vodka and tonic.
  • si****om
    this is great for any gun collector- or anyone who wants to add that surprise cool element for their drinks. It's been a hit every time we've used them!!
  • ha****er
    I bought this for my husband and it works great. My nephew (he is 4) asks for the gun ice everytime he comes over. I definately think it's worth the price.
  • t****e
    This is an expensive item. Competitively you can get cheaper ice cube trays. However it works very well and cracks me up when I pull one out of the ice bucket.
  • St****la
    This was a perfect gift for my husband. The ice cubes pop out easily and look great in a glass.
  • Ir****ik
    My son in law loves it, he is a federal agent and collects all types of gun stuff. Thank you
  • E****e
    As a competitive shooter these make great decorative ice cubes for friends and family. I love the mold. I make the ice and remove them, put into ziplock bags and make more. It is fun to have.
  • M****a
    I gave this to my boyfriend for one of his birthday gifts and he can't stop talking an out it! He loves it so much and is going to buy some for his family now :)
  • Ha****ge
    Great product! Received it on time. I recommend this product to anyone. I purchased it for my boyfriend and he was very pleased.
  • Br****es
    I gave this to a friend as a gift but from what I remember.....

    It's rubber
    The ice sculptures are as long as my middle finger (I'm 5'8 average hand)
    About inch thick
  • A****S
    Got these as a gift, and my fiance loves it! They're fun, and the silicon makes them easy to use. Yay!
  • D****e
    the best gift
  • V****y
    Wasn't expecting too much quality from this mold, but I was decently surprised to find out that it has a high-quality feel to it. It has held up great so far.
  • Au****es
    easy to use, made of rubber, and design looks right. definitely what i paid for. and if you want it you wont be let down.
  • Ki****as
    Received the ice cube tray today. Love it! I can't wait to give it to my husband on his birthday!
  • Su****ss
    Why not put a ice pistol in your shot glass. Great fun but takes planning to make enough of them.
  • d****u
    Cubes rocked the house!, people even want to get pictures from them holding the ice gun,really nice though maybe a bit hard not to spill the liquid while you fill the tray, is so soft that you have to handle when is full of water.
  • J****B
    I sent this to my father-in-law for Christmas. He is an ex-cop and lawyer. He actually called me and thanked me for it. It is a great gift for any man in your life that likes guns! Nothing like having a frozen gun ice cube in your drink of choice!
  • 5c****ly
    Great piece for when you have company over

    Friends always asking where we got them.
    Kids like them too in their juices
  • Ga****ts
    For under 10 bucks you can't go wrong. Really just buy it if you are looking for a fun gift