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Reviews (4)
  • m****h
    It has been great! Very good to clip your keys to your pocket. It can very rigid and wears in nicely.
  • mi****ce
    I use this to hold my keys on the edge of my pocket. It helps keep them from getting lost in my pocket, and it holds very securely, so they also don't get caught on anything or get pulled out of my pocket. Useful for just about anyone who uses their keys a lot and stores them in a pocket.
  • Jo****ng
    Perfect for keys. This clip slips in a pocket perfectly, holding keys just like a pocket knife. There's a minor adjustment learning how to put it in without catching the bottle opener but after a few times you'll get it. The bottle opener works as expected. There are no sharp edges.
  • st****ey
    Great for keeping my keys always accessible. The bottle opener is more rounded than I’d like which makes bottle opening a little challenging but it works.