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Apr 26, 2021

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USA 2021 Holidays

The most common (Federal) holidays of the United States (USA) in 2021 are listed below.

Days to go
January 1, 2021 New Year's Day Friday -
January 18, 2021 Martin Luther King Day Monday -
January 24, 2021 Belly Laugh Day Sunday -
February 2, 2021 Groundhog Day Tuesday -
February 12, 2021 Lincoln's Birthday Friday -
February 14, 2021 Valentine's Day Sunday -
February 15, 2021 Presidents Day and Washington's Birthday Monday -
February 16, 2021 Mardi Gras Carnival
(New Orleans)
Tuesday -
March 14, 2021 Daylight Saving
Sunday -
March 17, 2021 St. Patrick's Day Wednesday -
April 1, 2021 April Fool's Day Thursday -
April 2, 2021 Good Friday Friday -
April 4, 2021 Easter Sunday -
April 5, 2021 Easter Monday Monday -
April 22, 2021 Earth Day Thursday -
May 5, 2021 Cinco de Mayo Wednesday 6
May 9, 2021 Mother's Day Sunday 10
May 15, 2021 Armed Forces Day Saturday 16
May 23, 2021 Pentecost Sunday 24
May 24, 2021 Pentecost Monday Monday 25
May 31, 2021 Memorial Day Monday 32
June 14, 2021 Flag Day Monday 46
June 20, 2021 Father's Day Sunday 52
July 4, 2021 Independence Day Sunday 66
July 25, 2021 Parents' Day Sunday 87
September 6, 2021 Labor Day Monday 130
September 11, 2021 Patriot Day or September 11th Saturday 135
September 12, 2021 Grandparents' Day Sunday 136
September 16, 2021 Stepfamily Day Thursday 140
September 17, 2021 Citizenship Day Friday 141
September 24, 2021 Native American Day Friday 148
October 11, 2021 Columbus Day Monday 165
October 16, 2021 Boss's Day Saturday 170
October 16, 2021 Sweetest Day Saturday 170
October 31, 2021 Halloween Sunday 185
November 7, 2021 Daylight Saving
Sunday 192
November 11, 2021 Veterans' Day Thursday 196
November 25, 2021 Thanksgiving Thursday 210
November 26, 2021 Black Friday Friday 211
November 29, 2021 Cyber Monday Monday 214
December 7, 2021 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Tuesday 222
December 25, 2021 Christmas Day Saturday 240
December 31, 2021 New Year's Eve Friday 246

United Kingdom 2021 Holidays and Observances

Date   Name Type Details
1 Jan Friday New Year's Day Bank holiday  
4 Jan Monday 2nd January (substitute day) Local Bank Holiday Scotland
6 Jan Wednesday Epiphany Christian  
7 Jan Thursday Orthodox Christmas Day Orthodox  
14 Jan Thursday Orthodox New Year Orthodox  
25 Jan Monday Burns Night Local observance Scotland
28 Jan Thursday Tu B'Shevat (Arbor Day) Jewish holiday  
12 Feb Friday Chinese New Year Observance  
14 Feb Sunday Valentine's Day Observance  
16 Feb Tuesday Carnival / Shrove Tuesday Christian  
17 Feb Wednesday Carnival / Ash Wednesday Christian  
26 Feb Friday Purim Jewish holiday  
1 Mar Monday St. David's Day Observance Wales
11 Mar Thursday Maha Shivaratri Hindu Holiday  
11 Mar Thursday Isra and Mi'raj Muslim  
14 Mar Sunday Mothering Sunday Observance  
17 Mar Wednesday St Patrick's Day Local Bank Holiday NIR
20 Mar Saturday March Equinox Season  
28 Mar Sunday Palm Sunday Christian  
28 Mar Sunday First day of Passover Jewish holiday  
28 Mar Sunday Daylight Saving Time starts Clock change/Daylight Saving Time  
29 Mar Monday Holi Hindu Holiday  
1 Apr Thursday Maundy Thursday Christian  
2 Apr Friday Good Friday Bank holiday  
3 Apr Saturday Holy Saturday Christian  
4 Apr Sunday Last day of Passover Jewish holiday  
4 Apr Sunday Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
5 Apr Monday Easter Monday Common local holiday ENGNIRWAL
5 Apr Monday Easter Monday Observance Scotland
8 Apr Thursday Yom HaShoah Jewish commemoration  
13 Apr Tuesday Ramadan Start Muslim  
15 Apr Thursday Yom HaAtzmaut Jewish holiday  
22 Apr Thursday Stephen Lawrence Day Observance  
23 Apr Friday St. George's Day Observance  
23 Apr Friday Shakespeare Day Observance  
30 Apr Friday Lag B'Omer Jewish holiday  
30 Apr Friday Orthodox Good Friday Orthodox  
1 May Saturday Orthodox Holy Saturday Orthodox  
2 May Sunday Orthodox Easter Orthodox  
3 May Monday Orthodox Easter Monday Orthodox  
3 May Monday Early May Bank Holiday Bank holiday  
8 May Saturday Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power) Muslim  
13 May Thursday Ascension Day Christian  
13 May Thursday Eid ul Fitr Muslim  
17 May Monday Shavuot Jewish holiday  
23 May Sunday Pentecost Christian  
24 May Monday Whit Monday Christian  
30 May Sunday Trinity Sunday Christian  
31 May Monday Spring Bank Holiday Bank holiday  
3 Jun Thursday Corpus Christi Christian  
12 Jun Saturday Queen's Birthday Observance  
20 Jun Sunday Father's Day Observance  
21 Jun Monday June Solstice Season  
22 Jun Tuesday Windrush Day Observance  
12 Jul Monday Battle of the Boyne Local Bank Holiday NIR
18 Jul Sunday Tisha B'Av Jewish holiday  
20 Jul Tuesday Eid ul Adha Muslim  
2 Aug Monday Summer Bank Holiday Common local holiday Scotland
10 Aug Tuesday Muharram/Islamic New Year Muslim  
15 Aug Sunday Assumption of Mary Christian  
19 Aug Thursday Ashura (Tentative Date) Muslim  
22 Aug Sunday Raksha Bandhan Hindu Holiday  
30 Aug Monday Janmashtami Hindu Holiday  
30 Aug Monday Summer Bank Holiday Common local holiday ENGNIRWAL
7 Sep Tuesday Rosh Hashana Jewish holiday  
10 Sep Friday Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holiday  
16 Sep Thursday Yom Kippur Jewish holiday  
21 Sep Tuesday First day of Sukkot Jewish holiday  
22 Sep Wednesday September Equinox Season  
27 Sep Monday Hoshana Rabbah Jewish holiday  
28 Sep Tuesday Shemini Atzeret Jewish holiday  
29 Sep Wednesday Simchat Torah Jewish holiday  
4 Oct Monday Feast of St Francis of Assisi Christian  
7 Oct Thursday Navaratri Hindu Holiday  
14 Oct Thursday Dussehra Hindu Holiday  
19 Oct Tuesday Milad un Nabi (Mawlid) Muslim  
31 Oct Sunday Halloween Observance  
31 Oct Sunday Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change/Daylight Saving Time  
1 Nov Monday All Saints' Day Christian  
2 Nov Tuesday All Souls' Day Christian  
4 Nov Thursday Diwali/Deepavali Hindu Holiday  
5 Nov Friday Guy Fawkes Day Observance  
14 Nov Sunday Remembrance Sunday Observance  
28 Nov Sunday First Sunday of Advent Observance  
29 Nov Monday First Day of Hanukkah Jewish holiday  
30 Nov Tuesday St Andrew's Day Local Bank Holiday Scotland
6 Dec Monday Last day of Hanukkah Jewish holiday  
8 Dec Wednesday Feast of the Immaculate Conception Christian  
21 Dec Tuesday December Solstice Season  
24 Dec Friday Christmas Eve Observance  
25 Dec Saturday Christmas Day Bank holiday  
26 Dec Sunday Boxing Day Bank holiday  
27 Dec Monday Substitute Bank Holiday for Christmas Day Bank holiday  
28 Dec Tuesday Substitute Bank Holiday for Boxing Day Bank holiday  
31 Dec Friday New Year's Eve Observance  

Canada 2021 Holidays

Friday New Year's Day
New Year's Day
Saturday January 2ndobserved by employees of the clothing industryQC
Wednesday Epiphany
Tuesday Groundhog Day
Sunday Valentine's Day
Monday Family DayABBCNBONSK
Islander DayPE
Louis Riel DayMB
Nova Scotia Heritage DayNS
National Flag of Canada Day
Tuesday Shrove Tuesday
Wednesday Ash Wednesday
Friday Heritage DayoptionalYT
Monday Commonwealth Day
Monday Saint Patrick's Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNL
Wednesday Saint Patrick's Day
Sunday Palm Sunday
Thursday Maundy Thursday
Friday Good Friday
Good Fridayexcept: QC
Good Fridayobserved by employees of the clothing industryQC
Good FridayoptionalQC
Saturday Holy Saturday
Sunday Easter Sundayretail closing dayNS
Easter Sundayshops closing holidayNL
Easter Sundayretail business holidayON
Easter Sundaycommercial establishments closing dayQC
Easter Sundayobserved by the public servicePE
Easter Sunday
Monday Easter Mondayobserved by employees of the clothing industryQC
Easter Mondayobserved by the public serviceNU
Easter Mondayobserved by the provincial governmentNB
Easter MondayoptionalABNSQCYT
Easter Monday
Tuesday Tartan Day
Monday Saint George's Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNL
Wednesday Administrative Professionals' Day
Sunday Mother's Day
Thursday Ascension Day
Sunday Pentecost
Monday Victoria Day
National Patriots' DayQC
Victoria Dayday of restNB
Victoria Dayshops closing holidayNL
Victoria Dayobserved by the public servicePE
Victoria Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNBNL
Victoria DayoptionalNS
Sunday Trinity Sunday
Thursday Corpus Christi
Sunday Father's Day
Monday National Aboriginal DayNTYT
Discovery Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNL
National Indigenous Peoples Day
Thursday Quebec National HolidayQC
Saint John the Baptist
Sunday Canadian Multiculturalism Day
Thursday Canada Day
Canada Dayexcept: NL
Memorial DayNL
Friday Nunavut Dayobserved by the public serviceNU
Monday Orangemen's Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNL
Monday British Columbia DayBC
Civic HolidayNTNU
New Brunswick DayNB
Saskatchewan DaySK
Civic HolidayoptionalON
Civic Holidayoptional, observed by the public servicePE
Heritage DayoptionalAB
Natal DayoptionalNS
Terry Fox DayoptionalMB
Sunday Assumption of Mary
Monday Discovery DayYT
Monday Labour Day
Labour Day
Monday Saint Francis of Assisi
Monday Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Dayday of restNB
Thanksgiving Dayretail closing dayNS
Thanksgiving Dayshops closing holidayNL
Thanksgiving Dayretail business holidayPE
Thanksgiving Dayobserved by the public servicePE
Thanksgiving Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNBNL
Thanksgiving DayoptionalNS
Sunday Halloween
Monday All Saints' Day
Tuesday All Souls' Day
Thursday Remembrance Day
Remembrance DayrestrictedMBNS
Armistice DayNL
Friday Christmas Eveobserved by the provincial governmentNB
Christmas Eveafternoon: 4 hours, observed by the public servicePE
Christmas Eve
Saturday Christmas Day
Christmas Day
Sunday Boxing Day
Boxing DayON
Boxing Dayday of restNB
Boxing Dayretail closing dayNS
Boxing Dayshops closing holidayNL
Boxing Dayretail business holidayPE
Boxing Dayobserved by the public serviceNUPE
Boxing Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNB
Boxing DayoptionalABNSYT
Monday Christmas Dayobserved by the public serviceSK
Christmas Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNL
Day After Boxing Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNB
Tuesday Boxing Dayobserved by the public serviceSK
Boxing Dayobserved by the provincial governmentNL
Friday New Year's Eve

Australia Public Holidays 2021

Date Day Holiday States
1 Jan Fri New Year's Day National
6 Jan Wed Devonport Cup TAS
26 Jan Tue Australia Day National
8 Feb Mon Royal Hobart Regatta TAS
24 Feb Wed Launceston Cup TAS
1 Mar Mon Labour Day WA
2 Mar Tue King Island Show TAS
8 Mar Mon Adelaide Cup Day SA
8 Mar Mon Canberra Day ACT
8 Mar Mon Eight Hours Day TAS
8 Mar Mon Labour Day VIC
2 Apr Fri Good Friday National
3 Apr Sat Day following Good Friday National except TAS & WA
4 Apr Sun Easter Sunday ACT, NSW, QLD & VIC
5 Apr Mon Easter Monday National
6 Apr Tue Easter Tuesday * TAS
25 Apr Sun Anzac Day National
26 Apr Mon Anzac Day Holiday National except NSW, TAS & VIC
3 May Mon Labour Day QLD
3 May Mon May Day NT
31 May Mon Reconciliation Day ACT
7 Jun    Mon Western Australia Day  WA
14 Jun Mon Queen's Birthday National except QLD & WA
2 Jul Fri Alice Springs Show Day           NT
9 Jul Fri Tennant Creek Show Day NT
16 Jul Fri Katherine Show Day NT
23 Jul Fri Darwin Show Day NT
2 Aug Mon Picnic Day NT
11 Aug Wed Ekka Wednesday * QLD
20 Aug Fri Borroloola Show Day NT
TBA   AFL Grand Final Friday VIC
27 Sep Mon Queen's Birthday WA
1 Oct Fri Burnie Show TAS
4 Oct Mon Labour Day ACT, NSW & SA
4 Oct Mon Queen's Birthday QLD
7 Oct Thu Royal Launceston Show TAS
15 Oct Fri Flinders Island Show TAS
21 Oct Thu Royal Hobart Show TAS
1 Nov Mon Recreation Day TAS
2 Nov Tue Melbourne Cup Day * VIC
26 Nov Fri Devonport Show TAS
24 Dec Fri Christmas Eve * NT, QLD & SA
25 Dec Sat Christmas Day National
26 Dec Sun Boxing Day National except SA
26 Dec Sun Proclamation Day SA
27 Dec Mon Christmas Holiday National
28 Dec Tue Boxing Day Holiday National except SA
28 Dec Tue Proclamation Day Holiday SA
31 Dec Fri New Year's Eve * NT & SA

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