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  • US$ 12.99


    Very cute spoon

    Very cute spoon
  • US$ 9.99


    Eaze Emeth

    very cute and creative product. better use with cups which you can see through to maximize the fun. using different tea leaves will bring you different feeling so try whatever you like :)
  • US$ 13.99



    These cards are of the best quality! The card case, that is such a great addition.P.S. Thank you the bottle opener.
  • US$ 9.99


    Adam Ting

    Bought this for my girlfriend, item as described, took a little long to ship but they were out of stock at the time..... It works as expected a and you can fit enough leaves in there for a good cup of tea
  • US$ 9.99


    Vastad Jasha

    I chose this delightful product as a birthday present for my best friend. I wasn't sure if she'd like it and I have never seen the product myself, but I did get a phone call soon after and got the squealing affirmation that I had chosen a good present indeed. It arrived sooner than expected too. She had to wait a while before she could open it.
  • US$ 9.99



    I have been in love with this infuser from the moment I laid eyes on it perusing the wild, lonesome internet. It is small, but makes just the right strength of tea. He comes with a cute little diving tank , and is pretty detailed. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family.