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  • y****g
    I bought this as a novelty item for christmas presents, every one receiving it LOVED it and some said it really works great (what ever that means) lol
    7 Days Ago
  • wa****or
    I can't bring myself to use this as a pipe as it is a great conversation starter and a perfect toilet for the doll house for the kids.
    7 Days Ago
  • s****o
    I took a poo in it and smoked it works very well. I am very small.
    7 Days Ago
  • m****e
    C'est la même photo.
    Mes amis en ont commandé un.
    7 Days Ago
  • l****l
    Me encanto 😂 mis compañeros quedaron encantados con la perfecta muy durable.
    7 Days Ago
  • w****o
    This is a great little pipe. I only knocked off one star because you have to hold the lid open.
    7 Days Ago
  • a****s
    Love it
    7 Days Ago
  • マジ****ジュ
    7 Days Ago