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Lemon Piece Tea Infuser
US$ 8.99
Reviews (854)
  • Ruth
    I was looking for a silicone infuser for my insulated water bottle with a 1.5 dia opening.
    This one not only fits with sufficient volume for tea leaves, it's cute, easy to use and clean.
    7 Days Ago
  • T. Crossland
    He's just too cute and works perfectly. Everyone asks about the man in my tea.
    7 Days Ago
  • Marley
    Mom LOVED it!
    7 Days Ago
  • dmtalib
    I gave that Tea Infuser as a present! Very much
    7 Days Ago
  • Cesar E. Perez
    Very nice material. Puts a smile on my face daily. Highly recommended.
    7 Days Ago
  • Benedetto Paganelli
    Fun Gift
    7 Days Ago
  • miikio
    Super cute, bought this for a friend who lives on tea!
    7 Days Ago
  • Donald Johnson
    Cute gift for a tea drinker. Very funny sitting on a cup.
    7 Days Ago
  • QT1007
    I like that fact that you can fill up Fred's trousers, put him on the cup and he stays without moving.
    7 Days Ago
  • James
    These look great and are easy to use and clean. Fun!
    7 Days Ago
  • Christina
    Too funny! Love using this little guy for my tea :). Also a good laugh!
    7 Days Ago
  • Calvin D Oliver
    Great Vendor & Product

    7 Days Ago
  • MEA
    Too cute! Works great.
    7 Days Ago
  • Lyd
    This is good, as you can pretend to be Link from the Legend of Zelda whilst you make yourself some tea.
    7 Days Ago
  • JacStar66
    Nice In thime
    7 Days Ago
  • AmberX
    Very cute
    7 Days Ago
  • Irene
    Great quality! Fun! Fun! Fun! thanks!
    7 Days Ago
  • otc231165
    Love this tea infuser!
    7 Days Ago
  • Fatts
    Love this product it exactly what I expected
    7 Days Ago
  • TX
    The thing is cool, and it is really easy to use.
    7 Days Ago